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The Hapless Working Class

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The benefits under the Social Security Enactment like EPF, ESI, and Workmen Compensation etc are quite alien to the workers. It is an open secret that in many situations these workers are being harassed and ill-treated and sometimes even their very services have been terminated by the merciless employers without even any notice to the workers in a whimsical manner. The enactment of Unorganised Workers' Security Act 2008 is indeed a solace for tackling the social assistance/social security related aspects. However, the bitter reality is that it still remains to be an ornamental piece of legislation without much result.

National Food Security Bill—A Critique

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During the debate on the Bill in the Lok Sabha, the opposition moved 315 amendments, some of which addressed the lacunae mentioned here. Not one was accepted. This is a silent testament to the fact this Act was an attempt to address the electorate before whom the political parties will present themselves in a few months; and not a serious attempt to address the food and nutritional woes of India. Nevertheless, if implemented properly, it does promise to bring some succor to the poor in India.

Reflections on the evolution of Indian Classical dance

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One of the biggest challenges we face today is, though there are several resources vis-à-vis the technicalities of classical dance forms are available, critical studies of the social and historical evolution of these art forms are rare and difficult to find. This facilitates the propagation of mythological tales that mystify the art and they easily gains wider acceptance. A major setback of this process is the confinement of knowledge within certain sects of society which would lead to the stereotypical notions that classical dance is beyond the common man’s comprehension. The greatest danger would be the mobilization of arts to fundamentalist religious ends who claims its ownership, on account of the aura of mysticism and elitism associated to it.

Industry round-up

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For Governments, high technology and big data are the two major enablers to carry out Orwellian surveillance over its own citizens as well as other sovereign states. It is no surprise that US spy agencies outlays most of their budget for data collection and analysis.

Some of the internal memos leaked by Snowden indicate that NSA worked behind the scenes on Dual_EC_DRBG algorithm and it contains a backdoor.