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SEZ : Boon or bane for IT employees?

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In the past few years India has witnessed the mushrooming of many Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in every nook and corner of our cities. These alien lands within state boundaries have been trumpeted for being mascots of ‘development’, more so for the IT sector than any other sectors. States in India are competing with each other to say, “My SEZs are bigger than yours”.

But beneath the glitter and gloss, there is a darker side to the story of SEZs.


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By Netresh

उन्हें कौन रोके, कौन रास्ते में आये

वे लोगों की लाशों पे मज़ार बनाते हैं

जीने का हक भी अब दुकानों में मिलेगा

वे बड़े खूबसूरत बाज़ार बनाते हैं

बस्तियाँ उजाड़ने का गम उनको भी खूब शायद

तभी तो उस जगह पे वह ईशगाह बनाते हैं