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The Workers’ Struggle in Maruti Suzuki

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By Aditya Nigam

The laws relating to payment of wages, restrictions on contract work, basic rights and liberties at the workplace, the right to unionize – all these are violated by these corporations with impunity. And they are done in close coordination with different wings of the government. The mantra of growth comes in at every stage to legitimize every wrong, every illegality and every act of corruption indulged in by the joint forces of government and private capital.

Question Point - 2

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Q: What is the compensation I am entitled to while terminated from a software company?

A:According to the law, an employee is entitled to a minimum compensation of one month + 15 days salary per year of service on retrenchment.If the employee strength is fifty or above and the firm is part of any other manufacturing unit or software development is undertaken by the firm, employees are entitled to a compensation of three months + 15 days salary per year of service.