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Historic changes in the IT industry

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by Ramkumar

Employees in IT industry had pleasant news last year when it was declared to not extend the exemption from the implementation of the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act in the IT industry. The companies were ordered to submit the draft Standing Orders by December 31st, 2012 and implement the act by March 31st, 2013. The industry where ‘deadline’ and ‘target’ are terms that reverberate often did not have the slightest shame in not sticking to the dates.


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-By Netresh

मेरी आवाज़ तुझ तक तो पहुँचती है
कभी फ़रियाद तो कभी इन्कलाब बनकर
सितम ढाने कि आदत पुरानी तुम्हारी
कभी ख़ुदा तो कभी मसीहा बनकर

पर लोग भी तो ख़ुद को कमजोर करते

Editorial - Living in Bangalore

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As any other big cities, Bangalore has got its own set of issues. There may not be a better term to define the housing scenario in Bangalore than ‘anarchy’. The situation can be well understood when the competent authorities say that ‘gated communities’ are not legal but not illegal. Bangalore has got its infamous concept - ‘B khata’, were in reality no document exists which is known as ‘B khata’. 'Khata' is an account of assessment of a property for payment of tax.