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Industrial Relations and Labour Laws around the World – 3

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By Secki P. Jose

Continuing with our travels, in this third edition, we take a look at the labour laws and industrial relations in China and Japan. China with its one-union system and Japan with its world-renowned management style are unique in their own ways.


Total Population (2012) - 1353 million
Above 15 years – 1100 million (approx.)
Active Labour force – 800 million (2012 approx.)
Informal Sector Economy – Around 19%
Unemployment Rate (2011) – 4.1 %

ICTs cannot be techno managerial fix

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by Haridas

In the last decades, the world has begun to undergo a new technologically-driven revolution, allegedly leading toward what is commonly called "the Information Age." Impelled by the phenomenal proliferation of computers and information devices, closely linked to an explosion of processing and access speeds, ever-lowering costs of memory and other critical components, convergence of images, sounds and writing in one digital medium, and propagated by a worldwide network of satellites and broadband fiber optic cables (Keniston).

Perspectives About Our Economy: A Meeting with Professor C.P Chandrashekhar - Part 2

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Prof. CPC

Feddin, Gokul, Sowjanya and Haynes met Prof. C.P Chandrashekar, renowned economist and columnist for the Frontline. During an interactive session over a cup of coffee, Prof. CPC shared his views on the Indian IT sector and the looming clouds over the Indian and global economies. ITEC is publishing excerpts of this interview in two parts.