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From 2015, we have moved our newsletter to a blog titled "Perspectives". We hope that the readers of the newsletters would continue supporting us in the new format.

Perspectives About Our Economy: A Meeting with Professor C.P Chandrashekhar - Part 1

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Prof. CPC

Feddin, Gokul, Sowjanya and Haynes met Prof. C.P Chandrashekar, renowned economist and columnist for the Frontline. During an interactive session over a cup of coffee, Prof. CPC shared his views on the Indian IT sector and the looming clouds over the Indian and global economies. ITEC is publishing excerpts of this interview in two parts.

Editorial - Rise of Contract Labour and its Implications

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As per the law, contract labour should not be employed where the work is of perennial nature and goes on day to day, where it is incidental to and necessary for the work of an establishment, where the amount of work is sufficient to employ a considerable number of whole time workmen, and where the work is being done ordinarily through regular workers at that establishment or in a similar establishment.

Industrial Relations and Labour Laws around the World - 2

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By Secki

Continuing our look at labour laws and industrial relations around the world, we take a broad look at the scenario of workers in the United Kingdom and Germany in this edition. Elaborate provisions for unemployment insurance in UK and the presence of 'Works-Councils' in Germany are worth mentioning.


Total Population – 62.26 million (2011)
Above 15 years – 51.05 million (82 % of total population )

In the name of culture...!?

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By Deepthi
Prof. CPC
It was quarter end and my company magnanimously celebrates the success of every quarter with a "Liquor Splash" (Name of the event changed) party for all its employees. This is probably the most awaited event for all of us since the souls that have only been celebrating free and unlimited Internet at office, for the first time will be seeing free and unlimited liquor.