Suggestions sent to Justice J. S. Verma committee

Below are the suggestions sent to Justice J.S.Verma Committee, which was constituted to look into possible amendments to the criminal law so as to provide for quicker trial and enhanced punishment for criminals, accused of committing sexual assault of extreme nature against women. Many of the points may seem not to be in the ambit of the committee. Still, ITEC feels all these are to be addressed to find a permanent solution.

1. Fast tracks courts for rape cases, with daily hearings and disposal of a case with in three months of filing the case. Early completion of pending rape cases.
2. Capital punishment for only rarest of rare cases.
3. Increase the minimum sentence for the rape cases.
4. Gender sensitization of all sections of the society at all levels and all places.
5. Accountability of the police systems.Rules on role of police should be framed so that from the time of registering a case till the end, the approach of the police and their action should be looked at properly. Who ever violates the respective rule should be punished severely. Strengthen of state police to be increased. They should be trained on handling harassment issues. Patrolling should be strengthened. More women police to be recurited and trained.
6. State Women's commission in all the states in India should be strengthened.
7. Women commission should be there at all levels – ward, district, state and national level. It should be elected directly by the women from the ward till National level.
8. Rehabilitation of rape victims or dependant family members with financial, education and job oriented support from government. Required amendments to be done in the related laws to make sure the victims get the compensation and rehabilitation.
9. More number of affordable women hostels in different parts of the country and hostel facilities in all academic institutions for girls. The lack of alternative shelter is one of the main reasons identified as the main constraints that prevented women from dealing effectively with the violence that they face.
10. Fool proof telephone/messaging SOS helpline numbers exclusively for women to complain against sexual violence.
11. More street lights to illuminate residential and commercial roads.
12. Provisions for self defence classes for kids in schools.
13. Govt should allocate funds on advertising the ill effects of eve teasing/ sexual harrassment/ discrimination and on the severe punishment one will get if he/she indulges in such activity. These advertising channels should be aired in all private channels to create awareness.
14. More budget allocations on Women schemes.
15. 50% reservation for women in all legislative bodies.
16. More awareness campaign to send girl children to school.
17. Equal rights for women on ownership of property belonging to a family for all caste, religion and ethnicity

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