Session on Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act

Time : 3pm
Date : 1 Nov 2013
Venue : Altenate Law Forum,
122/4, Infantry Rd, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore

“On the strained relationship between the IT sector and Labour Laws – The case of Karnataka and the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders)Act, 1946”


The Information Technology industry in India broadly comprising of the IT, ITeS and BPO sectors has been an industry at the vanguard of the development of India in the 20th century. Providing high quality employment to over 20 lakh workers, the industry boasts of world-class standards of employment and follows the best-practices found in any multi-national corporation. The industry has however had a tenuous relationship with the labour laws of the country and this is something that many people outside the industry may not be aware of.

The talk looks to focus its attention and explore the status of the IT sector and its relationship to the body of labour laws in the country. This focus comes in the recent exemptions from some elementary labour laws provided by the Karnataka government to the industry. The industry appears to have leveraged its elite position in the Indian economy to exempt itself from the standard operating procedures applicable to the rest of the country and other industries.

About the Speaker

Secki P. Jose is with the IT Employees Centre (ITEC), a network of IT professionals. He has worked for over 5 years in the Indian IT industry previously and is currently with the Foundation for Agrarian Studies (FAS).