ITEC involves in iGate Employees Lay-offs


The last few days have been quite turbulent for the employees of iGate, another major IT firm in the country. Following Tata Consultancy Services, this IT major had also resorted to large scale retrenchments, again, in the name of performance.

We, as ITEC, have intervened again in the issue to educate the retrenched employees of their rights. Have motivated those employees and exposed them to several labour laws through senior advocates in Bangalore.

An informed employee was a threat to iGate, and the growing number of informed employees became indigestible to the company and the management sent out pungent emails to its emplyoees, threatening them not to join hands with “anti-iGate elements”. If talking about labour rights is anti-companies, if exposing the aggrieved employees to what they rightfully deserve in terms of talking to legal experts, labour commissioner etc, then the IT community is smart enough to understand what is anti-establishment and what is pro-employee…! It only shows ones wisdom.

It is a partial victory for the iGate employees who have joined hands with ITEC, that their management is now ready to reconsider their decision to fire certain employees. ITEC takes pride in running from pillar to post to put the aggrieved employees through the rightful legal ways. Our team has been relentlessly working towards justice despite many physical threats from iGate.

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