Bengaluru city has been undergoing tremendous changes in the last two decades. Bangaloreans have witnessed the IT boom which eventually changed the economics of the real estate and housing sector of the city. With the changing economics and cosmopolitan nature of the city, new models of transportation, entertainment, food habits and accommodation were experimented. Thousands of IT professionals flocked into the city in search of better job prospects. It was then the business of hostel accommodation flourished in the city. IT professionals and students found it more affordable than to stay in an individually rented apartment. Most of the hostel accommodations provided food and basic utilities. These type of Paying Guest accommodations (PG) propped up throughout the city especially around IT companies and private colleges.

In contrast to our beliefs, most of these PGs alarmingly lack safety and security measures, basic facilities, and proper hygiene. Data pulled from news reports and Police records suggests an increasingly high number of crimes happening in these PG accommodations. The negligence and greediness of PG owners have made the PG dwellers very much vulnerable to anti-social elements. Shockingly, incidents of rape inside PG have been reported which shows extreme disregard for implementing safety measures by the PG owners. Incidents of Theft, food poisoning, physical assault, harassments are becoming very common in PG accommodations. Also, most of the Paying Guest accommodations do not keep their promises in terms of quality of food, facilities and bed space.

IT/ITeS Employees Centre #ITEC being an organization committed to the welfare of IT Employees, entrusted itself the task of bringing out the issues related to Paying Guest accommodations to public forums thereby finding solutions to improve the safety and quality of PGs in the city.

How can we make our PGs safe and secure? How can we ensure our PG provides us hygienic and quality environment? Are there any guidelines that every PG has to follow? Is there any law for ensuring the rights of PG dwellers? Which Government bodies are responsible for issuing PG license? Why do we need a PG/Hostel regulation bill? ITEC is on a campaign for better PGs and we consider it’s our responsibility to help Bangaloreans to find answer for these questions.

If you think that things won’t get right automatically and have the spark to ignite the positive change in the society, come and join us for a better and #SafePG

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