ITEC Statement on recent layoff/terminations in IT industry

Horrific numbers in the news of terminations/layoffs in IT companies have not made our governments to react responsibly. Latest of the shocker is from IBM, which as claimed by an industry observer is planning to cut down it's employee strength by 26%, more than one lakh of its employees. Even the official response from IBM do agree thousands will be sacked and part of it will be felt in India. How did our governments react to terminations in TCS? Should not the government authorities take necessary steps to protect the interests of the employees?

Statement from ITEC on TCS 'involuntary attritions'

In the backdrop Madras High Court restraining Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) from retrenching/terminating an employee, IT/ITeS Employees Centre (ITEC) asks TCS to stop all its processes of ‘involuntary attritions’ from being carried out. TCS and IT industry do come under the ambit of Indian law and are supposed to abide by the law. TCS terminations/lay-offs are illegal on account of various aspects. As mentioned in the Madras High Court litigation, TCS has flouted many of the sections of Industrial Dispute Act.

TCS Layoff - What Employees should do?

TCS Layoff

TCS Layoff – What employees should do?

Do Not Resign,
only other option TCS got is termination or allow employee to continue

What could be the reasons for termination?

1. Perfomance
lowest performance rating in TCS is E
But TCS terminating even from B, C, D ratings – it is unfair termination
Even employees with lowest rating should be given chance to improve – if not, it is unfair termination