A Condolence Message for Rasinesh

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RasineshOn 30th April 2012, we lost our beloved Rasinesh to a tragic road accident. Rasinesh was one of the founding members of ITEC and has all along been a supporter of all activities that were taken up by ITEC. He was a staunch free software activist and believed free knowledge is a must for a free society. As a passionate technologist, he was a role model for many in the path of self-learning and knowledge sharing.

Small Step for ITEC; Giant Leap for IT Employees

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The Labour Department in Karnataka has decided not to renew exemption for the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act going forth. This means that IT/ITeS companies will now have to adhere to the rules under this labour legislation. It must be remembered that this exemption has been provided for the past 11 years.

ITEC (IT and ITeS Employees Centre), and ITHI, a forum of women employees in IT and ITeS, had been campaigning against exemption from the Act. ITHI also conducted campaigns against the proposal to extend the working-hour deadline for women employees from the existing 8 p.m.