Stop Farmer Suicides: Candle Light Vigil as a reaction

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Urbanites are individualists, who are complacent with their lives, engrossed in its sophistication. The widely accepted fact that they don't and wouldn't bother about the other sections of the society is almost true. But, when there is at least one genuine event, where you find around two hundred urbanites, varying from IT employees, students, researchers and academicians come out and take a stand for the cause of a totally different sector of people - The farmers and their troubles, I tell myself that the situation is not hopeless, and there is still a speck of hope.

Report on Screening of the Documentary Nero’s Guest- Growing Inequality in India

ITEC conducted the screening of the documentary – Nero’s Guest on Feb 6th, 2011 at Jaaga Creative Common Ground, Bangalore. The screening was followed by a discussion among the 40 + odd audience who attended the event. The discussions were good and many were surprised to know that our country has such a huge grey shade of poverty, farmer suicides etc. The main point which came out of the discussion was how we can resolve these issues.