The Incredible Indian Family

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By Sudha Narasimhachar

Jyothsna looked like an angel in the white cotton saree with a lovely orange and black border. She was all excited. Bhaskar had promised to take her to his house today. Jyothsna took extra care to project a good image of herself to Bhaskar’s family, because the first impression really mattered. It was not an ordinary meeting. Bhaskar was going to announce to his family members about his intention to marry Jyothsna.

Another personal account on ITEC's show of solidarity

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By Shijil

ITEC solidarity

Journey by a large group to escape from a so called hostile environment still continues. We were among the few groups who raised our voice against this. ITEC planned and implemented this campaign overnight and met those who were leaving from "India to India" for providing a moral support. We did not have much words to tell than "Come back to Bangalore. Nothing is going to harm you, we all are one".