A Personal account of ITEC's Show of Solidarity

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By Senthil

ITEC solidarity We interacted with folks in the Yeshwantpur railway station. Most of them ordinary workers. We told them that IT employees are dependent on your labour in the city and many of us are also migrant. We told them that looking at anyone as 'migrant' will only escalate violence all across the country as every community is migrant somewhere or the other. The politics based on demographic profile will only lead to violence.

ITEC Communiqué on recent rumour-triggered exodus

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ITEC is grieved by the situation of massive exodus of our friends from North Eastern states triggered by rumours. We, as a socially responsible community, want to spread a message of unity and brotherhood with all the affected people. We are pained that some of our friends are in a state of fear. It is the right of each and every Indian, irrespective of her/his region/religion/caste/language/colour, to live and work anywhere in the country. This awareness entrusts all of us the responsibility to ensure that these rights are protected. Let rumours not affect the love we have for each other!