Online Petition by IT Employees Demanding Roll Back of Fuel Price Rise

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Please support by signing the online petition which will be sent to Government of India to roll back the fuel price rise which has already caused adverse effects to all sections of society already reeling under high inflation and reduction of "real wages".

Click here to sign the petition.

This is in continuation of the symbolic protests organized by ITEC in BTM & Koramangala on Saturday.

ITEC Communique on petrol price rise

The steepest ever petrol price rise from a government celebrating its three years in office shows its arrogance towards its general public. This is a double blow to the common man already reeling under the price rise of essential commodities. Fuel price in India is one of the highest in the world. A major portion of it consists of taxes. The irrational tax composition is one of the reasons for high fuel price in India. The claim that the oil companies are at loss because of the subsidies is as that of street vendor who triples the price and sells it on ‘loss’ at double the price.